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letra de 0-100/the catch up (riderz outro) - bravioso


haha, amen
good looking tru p
v3 mother f-cker
my n-gga
haha, amen

mind on the p-ssy, so its murder on my mind
mind on the money, only money on my mind
(got it)
military mind state, i don’t waste time
with a -ss like a apple
can i get a little face time
heard these n-ggas saving hoes
even heard it through the grape vine
even shout do it for the vine, i ain’t gone do it
i ain’t being rude
just giving it to you before you go through it
don’t be foolish
just give her fully’s to the fullest
if you ain’t know
thats a big d-ck before you knew it
ask my last
she will tell proof is in the pudding
so big you gotta book it, thats a good win
im always good when
i give all of my support to the homies
good win
tires screeching, when they screaming
bullets coming from me
any given sunday, willie beamin
i get paid to give’em real life when im dreaming
it out ways reason
reason being, i ain’t leaving
according to rappers, they ain’t beefing
they done turned to vegans
i go zero to a hundred, quick, catch a beating
body labels tryna sign me, i mean
im spitting bars that make ye brain stretch and do polities
type of n-gga to make sure you never forget about me
i guess my last impression, hurts worse than a owe
i need three to five mill, plus a audi
a tour bus for the team, bad house in valley
im saying
well i guess thats the value of playing
i give amazing, its running through my veins and
im giving more than im chasing, im never changing
the boldest statement
i give you real life for motivation
hitting walls in this maze in life
don’t get it twisted, never mistake it
but look twice if you miss take it
f-ck a fake friend, f-ck a fake b-tch
f-ck a racist with a spike d-ld- up the -n-s
jump out the womb, put a burner to they face
told the doc, i got the juice and can’t n0body fade this
i keep the burner tucked under my tummy
like a plastic surgeon patient, album coming just be patient
i gotta pace it, f-ck being famous
the moments never wasted, started this from the bas-m-nt
covered the basics, im being honest
if you gotta blunt face it, a shot chase it
my riders we lost one, r.i.p. luke johnson
i know you watching
they can’t stop us, speaking from my conscience
so to fail is not an option
im just cooking up concoctions, while you hating in your comments
in the stu im bombing
god emcee, the greatest find since, god sent his prophet
so i promise, simple logic give you simple profit
im just tryna find my way out the minus
when life is, the only thing you get once
never lie and i don’t front, thats a life that i don’t want
my brother all around me, i never be alone
make sure my family eat, n0body eating on they own
i do this sh-t for the coast mother f-cker
grab my d-ck when i boast mother f-cker
yeah, ugh, i end this with a oso mother f-cker

according to rapper they ain’t beefing
they done turn to vegans
i go zero to a hundred quick
catch a beating body labels tryna sign me
independent but we climbing
la familia behind me

[outro featuring tru .p & rocc st–z]