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letra de jaws theme swimming - brand new


in a car outside, we stalk the idle kind.
if you’re leaving, just let me know.
tobacco and peppermint, dusting for fingerprints.
a film in her eyes from the glow.

some rules are made with all intentions to break
and she defends it with a warped rationale.
and i’ve seen what happens to the wicked and proud
when they decide to try to take on the throne for the crown.

and we learn as we age.
we’ve learned nothing and my body still aches.
and you take cause they give.
though i love you and my body it leaks like a sieve.

when it got old outside, smoke beneath the playground lights.
if you’re coming home, just let me know.
sucking on your breath mint, dissected and stuck with pins.
a film in her eyes from the glow.

concrete and water, she’s looking for her daughter
at midnight in torrential downpour.
and everything i said about how messed your head is,
was cut up and left in bits and pieces on the cutting room floor.

[chorus x2]

take the picture from the wall when you think that nothing matters.
take the picture from the plane and it’s a long ways to the floor.
cut your finger on the edge cause it’s sharper than they told you.
take a leap from out the window cause it’s way too far to go through the door.


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