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letra de barbra allen - bradley kincaid


in scarlet town, where i was born
there was a fair maid dwellin’
made every youth cry, “well-a-way!”
her name was barbara allen

it was all in the month of june
when all things they were bloomin’
sweet william on his death-bed lay
for the love of barbara allen

he sent his servant to the town
where barbra was a-dwellin’
“my master is sick and sent for you
if your name be barbara allen”

so slowly, slowly she got up
and slowly she came nigh him
and all she said when she got there
“young man, i think you’re dyin'”

“oh, yes i’m sick, and very sick
and death is on me dwellin’
no better no better i never will be
if i can’t have barbara allen”

“oh yes you’re sick, and very sick
and death is on you dwellin’
no better no better you never will be
for you can’t have barbara allen”
as she was on her highway home
the birds they kept a-singin’
they sang so clear they seemed to say
“hard-hearted barara allen”

she looked to the east, and she looked to the west
she spied his corpse a-comin’
“lay down, lay down, that corpse of clay
that i may look upon him”

the more she looked, the more she moaned
’til she fell to the ground a-cryin’
sayin’, “take me up and carry me home
for i am now a-dyin'”

“oh father, oh father, go dig my grave
go dig it long and narrow
sweet william died for me today
i’ll die for him tomorrow”

she was buried in the old church-yard
and he was buried a-nigh her
on william’s grave there grew a red rose
on barbara’s grew a green briar
they grew to the top of the old church-wall
’til they could not grow any higher
they leapt and they tied in a true-lover’s knot
and the rose grew around the briar

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