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letra de the bitch song - bowling for soup


is it ok if i speak to you today
you’ve been p-ssed off for a week now
but, nothing i can say could make you look up.
or crack up. is there anything that i can do
anything to show you

you’re a b-tch
but, i love you anyway
oh oh you can’t sing
but, you still put me to sleep
baby, you’re a b-tch
hey hey hey hey
you make me sick
but, don’t ever go away

so you tell me that there’s nothing left to say
i drive you face the window
then you’re in my face telling me to grow up
i wish you’d grow up
i can’t wait until you fall asleep, i wonder if you know



yeah you’re a b-tch but i love you anyway
so why don’t you…… stay

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