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letra de life after lisa - bowling for soup


i’m waking up and bakin’
watching the parade cause today’s the day i got over you
taking out the trash and the pictures that i stashed
of the two of us in 1992

you stole my heart when eddie veder was king
i gave you a foot m-ssage i gave you my ring
you left me for a drummer cause you said i couldn’t sing
but, that’s ok

cause there’ll be
no more mountain climbing in the rain
no more long hair clogging up the drain
no more life will never be the same
life after lisa is not so bad at all

saw you with the dude who gave us our first tattoos
did he cover up my name that was fast
can you believe that i’m alive, still not working 9 to 5
and my little band is kicking some -ss

so when you asked me if i hated you now
it’s not you it’s just all of the times i missed out
on sleeping with your roommate every time you p-ssed out
but, that’s ok


i’ll bet you’re saying to yourself that you’ll find somebody else like me
but all i’ve gotta say is there ain’t no f-cking way that you’re getting me to say
i’m sorry……….not today!!!

cleaning up the house again
listening to house of pain
having headaches in my brain
listening to you complain
shopping at the mall again
i’m out of rhymes i’ve gotta say
life after lisa is not so bad at all!!!!