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what they call me (big time) - bow wow


(feat. ron browz & nelly)

where da beat at?

aye, either boy, jd, boweezy, ooh
ahh, ooh
yeah, yeah, ron browz

big time, big time, ooh
big time, big time
big time, big time
uh ohh, uh uh, ohh

i’m a baller shot caller, baby
all da ladies

okay, beg for me to spoil ’em crazy
my account on millie, wrist on chilly
and plus i’m way flyer
you would think i played for philly

got that bent on deuces, ya man is a dufus
girls go
when my coupe go roof less

my paper don’t stop, no need to put in ya 2 cents
if he can’t do for you li’l mama he useless
i got that money walk
only big money talk

catch me in da spot like throwing big money bucks
they got that funny walk, whisper when they money talk
know my green stronger than 3200 hawks
now that’s incredible reserved by the federal

name a 21 year old you know do it better, boo
never who, you better off searching for that letter, too
i bring in that revenue

i could change
your life on site, baby



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