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letra de pole in my basement - bow wow


it’s going down
get your money out
magic city, body tap, onyx
we gon take it all the way out west
spearmint rhino
scores out in vegas
can’t forget about tootsie diamonds in miami
let’s go!
we gon make it storm in here tonight

i got a pole in my bas-m-nt
so shawty u ain’t gotta go in
shawty just come bring a friend
i got a pole in my bas-m-nt
lil mama i got ones on deck
shawty got money to spend
come over, over
i’m gon brake you off
lil mama i know what you need
so mama come over over
i’m gon brake you off
lil mama i know what you need

[verse 1]
bring all ya girls cuz i got my n-gg-s wit me
them n-gg-s throwing singles, shawty be throwing fifties
cuz i’m gon make it storm, make it strom, in here, in here
big ballas no lames in here , in here
drop it left, up and down, to the floor lil mama
throw some more cash at ya, can you do it longer?
she a bonified pro doin tricks like a magician
got a -ss like bucky so i gotta keep tipping
she definitely a ten got all the guys chasing
shawty f-ck the club i got a pole in my bas-m-nt
call me mr. atm cuz the mama full of cash
if i run out don’t worry girl i got another stash


[verse 2]
i’m gon make it katrina
these n-gg-s make it dizzle
i’m gon off patron
she gon off of skittles
i’m gon keep tossing money, till i can’t no more
i’m gon keeptossing money, till my arm get sore
see let’s play a game all u really want to know
guard try to pick up every single dolla i throw
it might take a lil minute maybe even a hour
how bout you and ya homegirls meet me in the shower
no it ain’t tricking babygirl if you got it
plus your face is like beyonce
d-mn you a problem
now we can do this all night girl err day
now how you do that?
i need it’s a replay
now bring it back shawty



i got the club in my bas-m-nt
lbw gng gang it’s a movement
this for all my girls out there in the club getting there grind on
all about they paper