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hoods hottest - booter bee


strange dreamz, stop dreamin’

my girl said that her road got taped off, she don’t even know that i let that squeeze
me and one guy up in hud, that’s bursted waps more times than me
3am, locked up in the box, silent savage that lets it beat
gang done two drills up in a week, i stepped on the dotty and made it three (i did)
shotgun burst off, couldn’t get turned off, don’t get caught when we ride on beef
can’t get a trim on my block, guys get shot while sat on the barber seat (that’s true)
we took out most their tеam and they all got left on bbc (spatterеd)
i’m on the [?] tension to drill, anything b’s getting filled with cs (slap ’em)
blue tape when i crash this heat, then petrol baff up my local fiends
true say, i can’t leave no clues, jakes know me and they know what i do
booter bee, i’m a f block boss, call me the king of hd too (the king)
don’t lack with your b-tch, it’s sad
pop up the hatchback and push that through
’cause the opps ain’t got no gender, this dot-dot come tall like slender
two hands firm when i grip with leather, pellets flyin’, rip through sweaters (they do)
can’t tell me about steppin’ (you can’t), i got down important members (i did)
can’t tell me about steppin’, i got down important members (i did)
and it’s still ain’t ridgeback, 3am, my bro will roll man (my bro, my bro)
knows how to lock and load, he knows how to ride, he knows how to firm that kickback
knows how to step on blocks
and get them proper drops (he does)
let me not talk on biggz, he locked himself in the sandwich shop (fat sh-t)
everyone knows we’re the truth, i don’t know why ‘dem man lie (i don’t)
he got chinged with his b-tch, had him and his chick laid side-by-side (cryin’)
just got bells for the .9, slide to the 2, might tape off five (i might)
he got bored in his chest, i thought he was dead when he closed his eyes (oh, no)
i told little bro, “take your time,” the corn that we got from the 4s is live (chill)
and they say that we flex with one pops, so how did i slap it twice? (how?)
and had the whole of top side shakin’ (i did), you don’t know nothin’ ’bout basic (you don’t)
three months straight, twenty-eight days, still didn’t see my trainers
still slide any location, mash on me at any occasion (any)
for anytime this beef’s onsight (it is), no way can i let that slide (i can’t)
put down phones, it’s waps we rise
so i guess that my opps ain’t safe (they ain’t)
c.i.d onto the set, they know ’cause the offs gun crime got raised (f block)
man got burst for the 38s smoke, but we need more bells for the twenty gauge (we do)
somethin’ got slapped, neck and back
feds at my door tryna bag me again
interview room, no way can i speak
kiss my t–th and say no names
interview room, no way can i speak
kiss my t–th and say no names



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