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letra de toast to the fam - boondox


“toast to the fam”

[verse 1:]
i’m tore up from the motherf-cking floor up
golden grain to the brain
not really given no f-ck
a sloppy drunk bear
huggin’ every d-mn body
half a fifth of jack
i’m about to get this b-tch buck rowdy
a juggalo scarecrow with a beer bong
chuggin’ southern comfort in my drawers
playin’ beer pong
hit the bar for a couple shots of 3 v
put your bottle in the air and toast to the family

[chorus: x2]
everybody c’mon we’re gonna sing a song
i’ll grab a bottle, you grab a bong, we gonna
get lit ’til the sun come up
and i’m gonna toast to the fam with a dixie cup (alright)

[verse 2:]
all my ‘los in this b-tch let’s get it on and poppin’
y’all molest no regrets
let’s see them panties droppin’
and it don’t matter if you smoke or if you drink
if you pour a little water, fire up a little dank
roll a blunt light it up
and i’m a pour a gl-ss
you get high and i get drunk
and then i meet your -ss
somewhere in the middle, somewhere on the other side
from east coast to west everybody gettin’ country fried
i’m drunk, you’re high, come on, we’ll fly
somewhere down there, down south
and we won’t have a d-mn care

[chorus x2]

[verse 3:]
i’m home so take me drunk again
you’re stoned, i hope this sh-t don’t ever end
mix jã¤germeister in a cup with some tanqueray
(where the f-cked you put my car?)
what’d the f-ck you say?!
i don’t know but this sh-t is got me all blown
my head is achin’ like i’m smokin’ on some home grown
i need another shot
and make that sh-t a f-ckin’ double
and p-ss my fam the blunt
i want them f-ckers high as hubble
when juggalos up in this b-tch
we drink and smoke all night
we gettin’ tore down
and swing our f-ckin’ hatchets high

[chorus x2]