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letra de blast - bones


[supa sortahuman]
there’s a light on my pipe
creepin’ through the night
writing lyrics spittin’ verses
then take off on the flight
i don’t worry about the hype do what i think is right
used to sip on the lean now i just drink the sprite
i’m so out of sight like really out my mind
searchin’ for a somethin’ in my life i don’t know what i’ma find
through the grape vine heard that it takes some time
but one day through the darkness a bright light will shine
so i shun all my fears forget about the hate
never bite the hand that feeds me and any others on my plate
most peoples first mistake is putting trust into the fakes
they offer you some cake and it’s hard not to take
automatically upset now you wanna be in debt
sell your soul for that paper stressed out until your dead
boy you live your life free never settlin’ for less
if i blast this for a reason they gon’ lay my soul to rest

darker magician i’m sippin’
the spell i’ve written is sicker than a homicidal conviction
it’s like a head on collision
i keep my head up on a swivel
my death up on my mental
some drugs up in that swisher
if your b-tch is tryna get in it
she keep lightin’ up them candles i’m rollin’ up more drugs
she keep callin’ me phantom she touch me i turn to dust
f-ck with me go ghost razor blade in my coat teenager a little teen anger
and a flow that’s somethin’ like c0ke
acid tabs on her tongue she close eyes she feel numb
she feel it once she feel at home she yellin’ sesh she screamin’ bones
look at your boy tryna act all hard see if he run for f-ckin’ cover when he
see the f-ckin’ god
thunder bolts up in the car young zeus goin’ hard
never had a f-ckin’ kid teamsesh ’till its dark yuh