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letra de 240p - bones


i done put my heart in it
could touch the stars with it
i’m ridin’ ’round the city, with my hand low
water in my bottle
when i drop my sorrow
all my nightmares follow
don’t wanna live here at all

now now now, b-tch you should’ve known
pow pow pow, now yo ass on the floor
bones soon will make it dark
i get out of any charge
i’m at large, going far
take your life and take ’em all

i can see it in your eyes you just counterfeit
fake racks, fake life, you so out of it
wasn’t f-ckin’ with me back in the drought and sh-t
now we up and you actin’ like you down and sh-t

i don’t know, if i really want you
i had dreams where i’ll be good without you
in my head i’m tryna find the route to
my escape