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letra de episodes of aggression - bonded by blood


arise to the crong, we shall not kneel
rebellion screams, a hunger strikes
a land devoured by fear
a scientific consequence
a period of irrelevance
the outcome of this incident
had proportions left untold

sabotage, a weapon to behold
panic cries! no help arrives,
a combatant’s strength restored
a lethal leak into their nasal stream
generates a sudden death
proliferating the undead
we will feed them to their own

ripping flesh, left to die, feasting on decay
a profile of insanity unleashing m-ss distress
the deceased prey on the living
reanimate the dead
a cold embrace upon the spine
of never-ending death

limb restraints, breaking off, capturing has failed
a cure for this evolving curse we still need obtain
this ache is unforgiving
remorseless you prevail
a stab upon their wounded back
we will give you one last breath

quickly wraps its palm on

you decide your fate
be part of the experiment
or live as individuals
we have chosen to

show them no fear
round after round
bullets piercing their skull
show them no mercy
the crong will retreat
they will bow to us now
we have chosen to exist

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