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letra de proud & powerful – bodega bamz


straight like that

[verse 1]
proud ’cause i grew up on welfare
proud i was dirt poor, more or less
proud ’cause i never had jordans
proud ’cause i used to wear payless
proud that the stove kept us warm
proud that i didn’t have a red cent
proud that i pay my mama bills now
proud that i live in the hills now
proud that my brother stopped poppin’ xans
proud that i finally became a man
proud that i cried many tears
proud for the pain and the fears
proud that my heart been broken
proud that my uncle stopped smokin’
proud that they thought i wouldn’t make it
proud that my haters gotta take it
proud that my sister never lost hope
proud that she fightin’ diabetes
i’m proud that salito got to see me
i’m proud when i see me on tv
i’m proud for the bad breaks
proud for the mistakes, i’m proud to be a dad
i’m proud ’cause i’m tan
i’m proud that the talent kept this pen in my hand

straight like that
you gotta be proud for everything, man
the good, the bad, the ugly
you gotta be powerful through it all
powerful through the struggles
to live is to suffer, word up

[verse 2]
you survive through the times, that’s powerful
people livin’ through the rhymes, that’s powerful
you shook hands with your enemy, that’s powerful
you always keep it g, that’s powerful
you makin’ moves out the hood, that’s powerful
you gave a dollar to a b-m, that’s powerful
give advice to the youth, that’s powerful
you gotta pay dues, that’s powerful
givin’ people good news, that’s powerful
you just signed your first deal, that’s powerful
you just made your first mill, that’s powerful
you bow down and kneel, that’s powerful
you pray for every mill, that’s powerful
givin’ thanks, powerful, showin’ love, powerful
your mind is a weapon that’s powerful
every scar on your body, that’s powerful
every verse in my songs, that’s powerful
supportin’ your child, that’s powerful
raise a kid that ain’t yours, that’s powerful
forgivin’ your past, that’s powerful
visit family in prison, that’s powerful
puttin’ money on they books, that’s powerful
everything i do is powerful
but if i wasn’t proud, then i couldn’t be powerful