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letra de love you - bobby nair


my food just doesnt taste good anymore
my head’s split open all over the floor
everybody’s telling me my own business, and i felt the need to say
that i’d always love you

i’m really really honest
i don’t know how to speak
my mind still reels, from earlier
as i overthink the moment
you told me that you’d never lie
was the moment that i knew i’d always love you
love falls apart
it’s a dangerous game
for our loved ones to play
teach them to feel the pain
they’re at that hungrier state
that kid never knew the neglect he faced
you talk about unfair but you could never relate
and yet i come back
and you say i love you

have i reached far enough yet?
cause my muscles are getting tired
and there’s gaps in my memory
and if i still thought i owed you some sick fantasy
i’d break my bones and spell out the words “i love you”

i’m stuck in these walls
drywall cemented to my skin
as it makes its way into my lungs
i’d cough for days
i’ve never felt this way
and you hung up the phone without
saying i love you

but what if i’m wrong?
what if you’ve been right all this time
self expression is a crime
i should’ve dropped my knees for you on the dime
but pleasing you is a waste of time
if you’ll how i look or what i am inside
and if you wonder why
i could never look you in the eye
but no matter how much you’ve done
i’ll always love you

it’s like you’ve already won
how could you?