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letra de salt lake city - bob weir


it was a paradise for lizards when young brigham saw it first
he said i’ve seen some nasty deserts lord, but this one here’s the worst
then the lord called down to brigham, said “i’ve got a great idea”
i want a mighty city and i think i want it here

salt lake city, that town of righteousness and fame
salt lake city, don’t sound like much, but h-ll what’s in a name?
n0body ever sings about it, but lord i be going there just the same

salt lake city, where it’s so easy keeping straight
salt lake city, just really makes des moinеs look second rate
ain’t making no big deal about it
but i hеar the mormon girls are really great

salt lake city, hey, dig that tabernacle choir
salt lake city, yeah they be bound to take you higher
there just ain’t no two ways about it, yes lord they really light my fire

well brigham kicked a prairie dog, and he muttered in his beard
said you’ve put me through some changes lord but this one’s really weird
the lord just laughed at brigham, said “you’d better get to work”
the next time i check in here, i want paradise on earth

salt lake city, where brigham made the desert bloom
salt lake city, put a color tv in every room
and they got them crazy mormon chicks, yes i’ll be going there real soon
salt lake city, hey feel that magic in the air
salt lake city, you know that’s kind of why i like it there
salt lake city, well you know that’s where i’m bound
salt lake city, i’m going down to salt lake town