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letra de along the way - bob mould


scratching at the surface
keep the conversation light
lest i seem offensive
wouldn’t want to be ostracized

i don’t want approval for what i say
only an honest reaction
all i get are looks of confusion
i guess i lost you somewhere along the way

i found out some time ago
that people can live with their lies
finding ways to bury bones
in graves full of alibis

i don’t give a d-mn what anyone thinks
every time i try to reveal the truth
all i get are blank expressions
i guess i lost you somewhere along the way

bullsh-tting me, bullsh-tting you
to the point where no one cares
with everything so far away
from where it ought to be
i guess it’s safer there

who knows the difference any more
is this how life is going to be from now on
i could never dance, so i guess i’ll take my chances
i’ve got nothing to hide, to hide, to hide, to hide

good things come to those who want it
but no one likes what remains
like the drudge that washed up from the ocean
and spoiled your finest day

and there beneath the moon
you can only see the shadows
of the sun from the other side
it seems the stars have blurred your vision
i guess i lost you somewhere along the way



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