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letra de ghost at my window sill - bliss n eso


“ghost at my window sill”

where should i start?
oh let me see
i met tinkerbell underneath the maulberry tree
and we made love for hours and she showed me some tricks on how mud can give power or blow them to bits

i got weapons and a sword, a sickle and a dream, i got questions i pour, they trickle from the stream
and every rhyme it’s like my pen tip’s been muttering
it leaves my heart gently fluttering

now picture an apartment block full of memories
a staircase with sacrifice and art is the energy, the remedy
the only form of freedom has befriended me
the need of love, the time alone, the chemistry

we hang out with the heads with the workmen at the galloes
just watching all these p-ss-es just surfing in the shallows
i scurry off to mother and tell her who we badger
or toast your beer high and sing this with casper

if you don’t love me then no one will
another ghost crawls over my window sill
and he’s stabbing for the rap that i keep in motion
my bedroom’s a castle, i keep it open [x2]

we travel over acres and hills
and hills and acres
so i’m shaping these gills so i can chill with nature
and just cool out and pause the ripples for a moment
and watch these tune numbers and believe in the zone
and i’m optimistic like the last wishing son
reflecting naked in this pond as i cast my fishing rod
into that uncharted plane of thought
and i never departed until my aim was caught
in this land of giants, i climb the beanstalk
yeah i’ve been to the top and i’ve see how men walk
and it’s just that crawling up under my skin
we paint these worlds that y’all are slumbering in
i bottle up my dreams, i blow them out through my trumpet to kids asleep
how many can you encomp-ss?
but i forgot that i’m standing in a pond of hope
and we might not be heard cause we’re beyond their scope
we grow
lyrics in the heavens watch the stars get fertile
but we might as well be rapping at the arctic circle
cause y’all are hibernating
we’re flying over your nogins
i’m all alone writing in this f-cking rolling tobagin
so we injected this crop
when you were man enough to b-mp us
we connected the dots
and we expanded your circ-mference
it’s the words that you missed that could be the most valid
so i sit in between the lines and hear the ghosts galloping


show me a light
show me a spark
i’ve been trying to take flight all alone in the dark
in a bedroom that i pretend’s my palace
the paper’s my landscape, the pen’s my balance
see there’s no map to buy to know where my head goes
sometimes i see her ghost by my bedpost
but when the sunshine hits the kids on the hill
three billygoats are born for every bridge that i build
cause as long as i’m alive i’m a fix that flat
the smile on her face i’m a bring that back
i need a dog by my side, some sneakers for walking
and a boat to leave on the sea in the morning
but the storm is towering over my tugboat
would i pack up shop now? f-ck no
see i’m a positive man
but when i look back on h-ll’s hole
i buy a pint with my lads, sit back and tell jokes
yo all through summer went to automan spring and not once did i f-cking fall off that swing
it proved that under the dirt is hundreds of birds waiting with an infinite hunger to merge
that’s why i walk the street with a leash chained to a b-tterfly
but when i talk to the beat i free reins to the other side
but when i catch them with a net made of magic
and throw them back with a shepherd’s heart to save the paddacs
there’s no doubt i make it happen
it’s a party on my page of poetry
so peel back those prison walls and arrange to go with me
their show is over
we want to show you free
where you can walk through walls to a place that no one sees


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