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letra de pitiful - blindside


as i recall with my stomach turning
i was hiding away from myself, away from you
like nothing, though something was terribly wrong
and i admit that i was only waiting for the right time
night time, the right moment for you to look away
though you never did, i pretended for a while
so i could walk where i don’t belong

and i remember every word you said
come back in time, come back
and i remember i would soon be dead
now so pitiful, so pitiful

but i know as i hammered those nails into your beautiful hands
your eyes still try to search for mine, but i look away
now your eyes are the only thing that can save me
i’m still afraid of them piercing
you’re breaking into my prison
just pretended for a while
my soul is dying
i won’t look away

and i remember every word you said…

i’ll remember every word you said
this time i won’t look away

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