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letra de megan's knockers - blake


i just caught a b-n-r motorboating megan’s knockers
she just popped a xanax now she moves like mr.croker
todd’s a total douche dude, he stole my crystal meth
when i catch you after school dude, i swear to go your dead
courtney is a skeezer but her tw-t is f-cking rad
she was jerking tyler’s c-ck while she was making out with chad
stacy sucked my mr.moesby with a d-ld- in her ass
but word around the cinder block she’s still f-cking her dad
dude who gives a flying f-ck
she only does like once a month
but what really f-cks her up
is that she tries to clear it up
“guys relax i’m not myself when im on drugs”
“and you should know that like are you my friends are what?”
im like chill thotiana dude that still makes you a sl-t
my moms a f-cking d-ck she only gave me a million bucks