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letra de hello, god - black birdie


[verse 1]
h-llo, god
it’ been a while since we talked
thought we could catch up on life
brush up on this plan that you claim to have

[verse 2]
so, god
tell me, how does this all working?
like, what is the meaning, the purpose?
is it all art or just punishment?

tell me, god
what is the meaning of life?
what is the meaning of love?
are you up above or are you throughout?
i wanna believe
what’s with my family, god?
what’s with the men that i choose?
what’s with the friends who betray me
and enemies hating, berating mе?
what shall i do?

hey there, god
think that i’m spiraling again
should probably see my thеrapist or my sister or talk to my friends
but i don’t know where to begin

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