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letra de ​get over it (album version) - black birdie


[verse 1]
i’m so sorry
i’m not supposed to love n0body
but someday i hope to find somebody
to love me endlessly
i’m sorry
but this is just too soon for me and my body
i really hope you find somebody (sorry, sorry)
we’re no good, you and me (sorry, oh-ooh, ooh)

[chorus 1]
sorry, so sorry, but we must break up
sorry, so sorry, smearing my make-up
sorry, so sorry, this is all my fault
sorry that this has to come to a halt
sorry, so sorry, that my mind’s f-cked up
sorry, so sorry, that i get choked up
sorry, so sorry, for all my bullsh-t
sorry, i just can’t get over it
[verse 2]
i’m sorry (sorry)
if i ignore your gaze in the lobby (sorry)
or if my outfit’s just too gaudy (sorry)
that it’s forcing you to leer (sorry)
oh, but i’m not sorry (sorry)
if i’m distant from everybody (sorry)
i just need some time to learn to love me (sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry)
so the hate will run in fear

[chorus 2]
sorry, not sorry that i gave you love (love, love, love)
and i’m truly sorry when it wasn’t enough (not, enough)
not sorry that you helped with my bullsh-t (bullsh-t)
not sorry you helped me get over it

not sorry that i’m finally over it
forever i’ll be over him