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read ur bible - ​billy woods


hurry up and wait, right?

i’m runnin’ tempo
y’all not just gonna huddle up on your boy
extendo on the orange zapped but tryin’ to k!ll that noise
sarcastic clapped a crescendo
cat toys gather dust when the cats wait
rats test they luck, mice hesitate
tears of joy when it came ten days late
waterproof mascara flutterin’ ticker tape
god’s plan was plan b
calibrate my next drop with a five man mortar team
all shimmerin’ all the while the old girl wriggle to his bop
serpentine, holdin four roses on a rock slide
four-eyed monacle cobra
our gaze locked and it was over
(it was over)

my bed is a sofa, my sink is a stove
my oven is a toaster, come thru if you need closure
one rock exotic crocs like sockless loafers
the other put his glass right next to the coaster
(there’s powerful n-ggatry at work here)

moved in a one-bedroom used a broom to break the smoke detector
my era: summer jams screen was a black child reading for pleasure
dinosaurs is birds with no feathers
perplexed pete rosenberg
but he a pro, hemade it through the questions
a late great zimbabwean said this world’s strangest most dangerous profession
an ounce of prevention in a liquid suspension
the roll-out lookin’ like an episode of intervention
it’s cold out, roll up while i warm the engine
no nostalgia for why i’m out fourty ounces sitting on them benches
nah man, f-ck that man, i was there
give it to ’em piecemeal, publishing deals
son you need a square meal, not more speed pills
the truth hurts but it heals after it burns
blunt force make up for what i lack in sk!lls
the machine learns
the onion peels
the world turns
turns out…



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