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letra de rap niggas pt. 2 - bigxthaplug & ro$ama


[intro: bigxthaplug]
(tony coles)

[verse 1: bigxthaplug]
see, these n-ggas must think that i’m sweet or i’m soft, but i swear that i’m far from a ho
n-gga reach for my wrist or my neck or my ear, on my son, b-tch, i swear i’ma blow
i’m up next out the city, that’s why n-ggas mad, they gon’ cap and say somethin’ ’bout a ho
like a b-tch told me this or a b-tch said that, i’m like, “f-ck it, i’m uppin’ the score”
i thought n-ggas was real, but these n-ggas is hoes, me and ‘ma, we gon’ stick to the code
these b-tch n-ggas is broke, see, we out on the road
different money, these n-ggas wouldn’t know
either stuck in they city or scared to do shows
before rap, i was kickin’ in doors
if i go in this bag, then they gеttin’ exposed
see, the truth is thеy mad ’bout a ho
or they probably got robbed way back when i was broke
see, these n-ggas is stiff off of coke
yeah, i know he got took there like three times before
i got k!llers gon’ step for the low
my lil’ brother gon’ step for a playstation 4
yeah, we with it, we want all the smoke
if step in this kitchen, i know he gon’ choke
throw me in prison, i’m gettin’ a pole
not sure how, but we got that sh-t there for the low
i got fifty just stuffed in my coat
’cause my britches too heavy, they holdin’ a pole
n-gga reach and i’m lettin’ ’em go
i shot fifty, deonsha, he shot fifty-four
left wrist h-lla ice like the snow
thirty ball on my neck, if he reach, then he gone
b-tch, we active, don’t get on no phone on the net and go talk about what’s goin’ on
in my phone like, “bro, leave me alone,” he a ho and i’m knowin’ what time that he on
really stay to myself ’cause i know how to step, if i do, they gon’ holler out, “bigx, you wrong”
one of one, i could never be cloned
i came up in six months, in a year, i was gone
that’s what happen when i’m in my zone
[verse 2: ro$ama]
off top, i’ll never pop percs in the club
‘fore a n-gga catch me slippin’ off drugs
n-gga play with my name and it’s up
have some young n-ggas ready to crash, henry ruggs
how the f-ck you ain’t stand on your ten?
when you saw lil’ dude, you was ‘posed to get blends
and you had that lil’ drac’ in your pants
you already knew we was gon’ jump in
but f-ck it, i guess some n-ggas ain’t goin’
mannequin challenge, n-ggas ain’t havin’ motion
107 hoover, you already know it
handicap n-ggas, i hang with some rollers
ice water my neck and my wrist, i’m flooded
n-ggas actin’ too blunt and get gutted
bezel piece on my neck look studded
kb, give me the drac’, i’ma make that b-tch stutter
i could’ve took off his neck
’cause crip say he gotta go up if he show disrespect
could’ve got him walked down for a check
take one to the head and two more to the chest
had some young n-ggas ready to lurk
get your ass put down six feet in the dirt
could’ve got him roped up for a perc’
or some purple brand jeans and a dior shirt
yeah, can’t count for the net or a b-tch
if i throw him the glock or the tec, he gon’ shoot with some aim, that’s a gang assist
yeah, uh, you couldn’t even touch my cuticles
how much is your chain? sh-t, it cost the same thing that it cost for your motherf-ckin’ funeral
[outro: ro$ama]

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