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letra de kirby parkway - bigwalkdog


it’s 4 in the morning, i’m riding on kirby with bass in the trunk like a 808
just me and this stick, i ain’t worried about sh-t, say it could be smoke like a celebration
i keep it a 100, i go pay a junkie
put them on a mission, they dedicated
this pressure look here, i know they won’t taste it
i’m jugging and serving on every patient

these n-ggas be hoes, out here writing statements
i guess trapping and rapping, my occupation
went and get some new guns, i ran out of patience
went cop me some glock, that’s without the safety
you want me to rap, you gon have to pay me
i stopped doing favors, back to the basics
if you want some gas, u gon have to wait
till all the big buyers situated

i’m gutter
i fell in love wit this stick
i just wrapped a brick
young n-gga know i ain’t had a thing

up and be out with the load
hog on the road, i’m filling up 2 different lanes
went to go look at a coupe, watch what i do, i get it and blow out the brain
you could just think its a game, reach for my chain
gon put rip by your name
and i’m just speaking all facts
you go get em clapped’
you sent em, you won’t get em back
and i put that over dab
you think that i’m jab
i promise it’s bigger than rap
i can go and get you a pack
a boy that threat
that sh-t come way across the map
don’t do the work i just stack
come to the trap, i’ll serve you some sh-t you can’t match

pushing this weight got me jacked
thinking it’s cap, jus pull up and get you a sack
i lost it i lost the flap
then got it back, ain’t n0body mentioning that
i never needed a stamp, check my account
them real n-ggas know who i am
and i’m gon put this sh-t down, in every town
a n-gga gon have to lay down

i stand on 10 toes and i cannot fold
from drugs and money to cars and clothes
from big booty b-tches them model hoes
won’t sell you a gram but i’ll sell you a boat
like a plug i the arctic i can sell you some snow
you bought this sh-t once, imma sell you some more
i’m a thief in the night, i can sell you a soul
won’t bend, won’t break, won’t crack i won’t fold
yeah !