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letra de 100 - bigkaybeezy


why is everything chrome?
bow, bow
tgang, tgang put down the gang you what the f-ck goin’ on
why the f-ck these n-ggas keep testin’ me?
everything’s chrome in the future
wait, hold on

100 shots and that’s 100 hits
reach in my pocket, get shot in yo’ sh-t
swing on partner, get shot like you sick
he gon’ get popped with this [?] and sh-t
b-tch we can box and i’m rockin’ yo’ sh-t
but i’m not tryin’ box, gotta’ glock in this b-tch
why would i talk when i bought a new clip
i ain’t wastin’ no money, i’m sparkin’ that b-tch
[?] coupe i ain’t parkin’ that b-tch
shoot like a hooper no guardin’ that sh-t
get put on the news like a [?] b-tch
it ain’t no tellin’ who played a part in that sh-t
ripped him apart with a carbon and sh-t
hollows and [?] they sharpen the switchblade
ride around with a big k
slidin’ a quick way
try on a wednesday
die on a wednesday
n-gga act slow, get jumped like [?]
put him in a box, then put him in the floor
put him on fox, if he wanna be known
beat him out his socks, then take a n-gga phone
beat his ass c-ck-eye, he look at me wrong
chickens like popeyes, f-ckin’ up stoves
sh-lls like wi-fi, connect to yo’ clothes
soon as he it’s a problem, he gon’, die
i call up them golems, we gon’, slide
hop out the whip with the chrome, better hide
we gon’ suck up yo’ home, it’s a whole drive-by