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letra de railroad tracks, part 2 - bigbankblaine


yeah, you’re either with me or against me
if i can’t think under the pressure i’mma be history
don’t want all these people to be missin me
like your car did to the train
on those railroad tracks
this is a sick track
got them bands and i’m still laid back
all these haters bout to get their payback
jus go ahead tryna make a diss track
i’mma cat you don’t wanna mess with
forget bein bitten and gettin hissed at
you still tryna talk where your racks at
love offense just as much as i love to attack that
attackin that like these railroad tracks
like goldfish these haters i’mma still be the snack that smiles back
you wanna go out onna date
forget da chit chat
lets go ahead and say i’m da best you’ve ever had, let’s admit that
yeah, cause i’m like a teacher
how bout we add professor to my name too?
these bars still stickin to you like glue
white shoes, yeah they new
if you stuck dissin me
just you wait and see what i’mma do
and that’s the truth
like that’s what i spit
you onna rail like railroad tracks (tracks, tracks, tracks, racks, racks, acks, acks, cks, cks, ks, ks, s)

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