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letra de jose's pistola - big something


if you ever go down to mexico
make sure you know where to go
i got a senorita i hope she’s waiting for me
at a little drinking hole
so i head down to that cantina
where i met a man named joe
he was a fast talker, put them down even faster
sat down nest to my stool
he leaned over and mumbled in my ear
i don’t come around here without mi pistola
ooooo mi pistola

i can feel all the eyes upon me
and all they want is my bounty
so i went down and crossed the border
now i can feel jose is looking over my shoulder

well the bartender came over
and he poured jose a shot of tequila
he looked me dead in the eye
and then he whispered in joe’s ear
that’s when jose got up and pointed his gun
and now i’m staring down the spiral of jose’s pistola
i’m looking down jose’s pistola

i can feel the crazy look in his eye
with one finger on the trigger and his gun in the sky
but he don’t know where i come from
i pull my six-shooter and i let one ring for my freedom
well i wake up at the crack of dawn
and i finish my tequila
jose he didn’t last very long
and now i’m riding in his el camino
i can hear the coyotes in the distance
i can hear them singing my songs
baby i can hear the coyotes in the distance
and i know that this is where i belong
out in the desert it’s a hundred and fifteen degrees
and there ain’t nothing out here
except for the cacti and the tumbleweeds

i can feel that this is where i belong
i hear them singing my songs
yeah this is where i belong
i can feel this is where i belong