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letra de the previously on big mouth song - big mouth cast


[intro: duke & connie (w/ ensemble)]
life is busy, heaven knows
so many characters, so many shows
who can keep up with all the sh-t that’s on tv?
so we’ve made this little snippet
if you don’t need it, honey, skip it
we’re gonna sing a season three recap
to bring you up to speed

[verse 1: nick & andrew]
okay, the first thing to tell you in this song
is that i kissed missy (which was wrong)
then i guess i kinda dumped her in the end
and now everything’s a bummer
’cause i’ve got to spend the summer
off at camp with my backstabbing former best friend

[chorus 1: ensemble, steve, ali, lola]
it’s our previously on big mouth song
so you’ll know what the h-ll’s going on
’cause it’s been quite a while since last yеar’s show
i got queer eye’d
i joined the cast
i got sеxually harassed
we’re recapping all of the stuff you need to know
[verse 2: jessi, missy]
the latest thing that’s sh-tty
is this fall, i’m moving to the city
i’m a heartbroken loner, but now i got mona
to wipe my tears away

[verse 3: jay, michael, maury]
i came out as bi
yeah, i f-ck pillows both girl and guy
i kissed my boyfriend aiden
and now i’m hoping for ass play

[chours 2: ensemble, nick, andrew, jessi]
it’s our previously on big mouth song
so now you’re good to go
now off to summer camp to start anew
i’d rather die (i’m going to)
it’s a brand-new season of the big mouth show (ooh)

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