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letra de from time - big daddy karsten


he said he wanted to hold my fat in his strong hands
i said “no ma’am”
you’re coming on a little strong
i’m not saying that you are wrong
just got the wrong man
you see, i am more than a fetish
i’m insecure about my weight, it’s just the way that i am
and the way this world made me
i know it sounds pathetic
so i’m not telling you to regret it
been told my whole life that my body’s wrong
i don’t know if you can relate to where i’m coming from
so as much as i appreciate a compliment on my thickness
it hurts at the same time like a sickness
i get worried about my health and it f-cks with me
’cause my doctor says that i’m okay but it stuck with me
people say that life is short
and for fat people it’s shorter
at the same time i see big guys and adore them
i cover up my sensitivities like a foreskin
and let it all hang out on stage and they applaud and
even if that’s dope i feel like a gimmick
’cause i put all that i am in this music, i live it
yeah, i’m in constant debate with myself
’bout hatin’ myself
and i don’t know if i hate my body or the hate in itself
facing my health is scarier than facing anything else
i see friends eating the same amount of food that i’m eating
they stay skinny for some reason
it feels like my body commits treason
and sometimes i feel like saying that i’m leaving
i know some people think that i’m weak and
i wish they knew that sometimes i believe them
but really i’m one of the strongest people i know of
and i’m not saying that just to show off
but i have a list of accomplishments longer than the average guy
and still i’m feeling lesser than an average guy
so i say it aloud to myself ’cause i need to
’cause if i don’t your beliefs become a life
and i need to show you that i don’t need you
and i’m free to be who i need to
but hey nice to meet you
i guess