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letra de ruined - big ant dog


lyrics from snippet

[interlude: nb raps]
grr why you
grr ahh shu-

[chorus: big ant dog]
uh uh
ooh ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh

[verse 1: big ant dog]
please shut your mouth bruh
going to the south feelin’ like kanye
on this b-tch ooh ooh why this dude
tryna tryna diss me but he gonna kiss jess
because he is a mess you ain’t the best nathan (no beef)
gold t–th proof the i’m in the booth in spoof
ok goof tell the truth like mr cuth has to look after joe
not my brother joe, bro you got the wrong one mr ‘mon
like cmon b-tch don’t take time gonna turn into some slime
gotta eat this lime got the rhyme on my tung and my lung
the sh-t i just sunged so yung ay