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letra de '03 bonnie & clyde - beyonce knowles


thanks to bertha b. johnson for
submitting the lyrics
look for me
young v cruising down the west side high way
doing what we like to do our way
eyes behind shades
this neck is the reason all of my days
was blind dates but today
i got the thoroest girl with me
i’m mashing the gas she garbing the wheel
its true how she rides with me
the new bobby and whitney
only time we don’t speak is during s-x and the city
she gets carry fever
but as soon as the shows over
she’s right back to being my soldier
cause mommy is a rider
and i’m a roller
put us together
how they going to stop both of us
what ever she lacks
i’m right over her shoulder
when i’m off track
mommy is keeping me focused
so lets lock this down like its supposed to be
the 0’3 bonnie & clyde, hov & b
all i need in this life of sin
is me and my girl
me and and my girlfriend
down to ride to the very end
is me and my boyfriend
me and my boyfriend
the problem is you dudes
treat the one that your loving
with the same respect that you treat the one that your humping
that ain’t bout nothing
if ever you mad about something
it wont be that
oh no it wont be that
i don’t be at
places where we comfy at
with no biyatch
oh no you wont see that
and no i ain’t perfect
n-body walks in this earth surfaces
but girlfriend work with the kid
i keep you working at
hermaine bercley bag monolo blahnoc tims
aviator lens
600 drops hercedes benz
the only time you wear burberry to swim
and i don’t have to worry
only worry is him
she do anything necessary for him
and i do anything necessary for her
so don’t let the necessary occur
if i was your girl friend
i’d be there for you
if somebody hurt you
even if that somebody was me
sometimes i trip on how happy we could be
and so i put this on my life
n-body or nothing will ever come between us
and i promise i give my life
love and my trust if you was my boy friend
i put this on my life
where ever breathe all that i believe in
i promise i give my life
love and my trust
if you was my boyfriend