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letra de night is the day turned inside out - beulah


slow, and i can’t wait
as the day turns inside out
night falls on you darling, darling
it falls on me too

and i’m tired
and i can’t sleep
but i try
so i can dream

you know, forever’s awhile
and tomorrows still a night away
and it’s late
and i just wanna go home

i fly over the sea
and the planes i see you
hanging on the wing darling, darling
holding onto me

p-ssed out in my room
your bread is sunny and warm
you know, forever’s a while
and tomorrows still cold and gray
and it’s late and i just wanna go home

don’t say you’ll miss me
’cause i know you miss me
you keep blowing me kisses over the phone

don’t say you’ll leave me
’cause i know you won’t leave
you know it took years for you to stay

i don’t love you to death
but i’d die if you left
from state to state, you know i’d race
but n-body knows which exit is yours

there is a place in the red light district
of your heart that i used to visit
it’s been boring
i can’t up for it anymore