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letra de desperate brevity - ben ross



since you left
i haven’t felt the same way
going over the moments
wonderin’ when did i fall and
when did it all fade to gray?

since you left
the water’s not soft and the coffee’s not hot and i’m
losing my mind
trying to find my way back
through the smog and the fog
and i’m countin’ the times before
time after time

when will you stop
getting off on
manipulating me?
your grasp grows tighter
and my world grows darker
seems i never will be free

i’m just your experiment
not even worth the time
slippеd beneath my mind
and treatеd me so unkind
all i wanted was to feel your touch
but that was way too much to ask

so draw some blood
take your samples and go
’cause i don’t need you
in my life no more
no more

no more
no more
no more
no more

-laser printer adjusting-