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letra de i took a long hard look - belle & sebastian


i took a? long hard look
at the heroes of my youth.
and their antics on the page there on
can no longer sustain me
ever since i was a boy
they brought me joy
but the shackles of the way i was
can no longer contain me

it was exciting
and enlightening
reverberating through my dreams
goodbye to reality
and set a course for wayward schemes.

now i can’t sing
i can’t feel
i don’t know what is real.
i was travelling through the past for years
tell me what’s my destination
now the past is gone
i don’t even have a song
we’ve not sung before
to a closing door
tell me what’s my situation?

i saw the film,
i lived the book
i got the haircut
that’s all it took
but now i know it’s going to take
a little more now i’m awake

i took along hard look
now i’m waiting for the phone to ring
i glance at the inbox
is there any tantalising mail there in
there was l-st in my restless heart
but now i know what true love means
goodbye to reality
and set sail for dreamsy