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letra de so this is how it feels - before i go


morning comes and thoughts of late last night are quickly forgotten convictions gone almost as easily as the events that brought them will i ever be good enough for you again should i have to pay for my mistakes forever it hurts the most when i hear your voice at night in my dreams to realize that i couldn’t have you it hurts so much to believe i lie here thinking how you brought out the best in me back then that i’ve had so many nights to think of what we could’ve been sitting here knowing it’s late wanting to call yet i wait scared to put myself out there again so far from home you’re all i’ve wanted all along you gave me something to believe in again that i’m afraid to try but i can’t stop myself this time promise me that you’ll be there when i open my eyes i’m tired now just want to rest myself across from your face i’m broken now by own faults guess that’s the price i have to pay