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letra de the lovely(intro) - beal


i promise to never give up on another person i love ever again. to truly hold your heart. to know you, like we were married in a past life. i promise a ever more growing love as i get to know you. long of conversations about life, and family. to walk with you even when others tell me different. i’m your number fan, only if you show me the same love. i promise more corny sh-t, like watching your favorite disney channel shows, or going to the mall for you waiting for hours. to tell you no matter what you put on, you look beautiful to me regardless. and everything that comes with you ive already accepted and loved you for it. so to my future. wife, girl, or whatever. i love you. i can’t say i know what is love. completely. but i’ll love you the best i can

i’m steady seeing friends who ain’t the realest n-ggas. a bunch circus acts. and everyone on twitter. but i could never follow. i know to many b-tches who’d be really down to swallow. oh you could never tell. don’t you know her? now everything is lovely. my homies getting jobs, i think my baby mamma trust me. i’m able to provide, i feel like can’t n0body touch me. i’m just playing. who see the world as beautiful. how many of us dying, hope my parents never bury me at funeral. they just wanna see me grow, and i can understand it. coming from a time i didn’t try to understand sh-t. now i got a child, being careful with my planning. now i know forever with the one is not an option. the girl you f-cking now, could be the one you never love again. n-gga let’s be real, how many battles did y’all cover as team, rather let a person’s comment intervene, on just whatever y’all was up against? did you try to fight? is he the one who in the wrong, and he ain’t treat you right. if that’s your thinking then you both wrong. to many couples need a cosign. but you one who built relationship, you say the whole time. then where’s the love. it seems to me, there isn’t any. i really wish you well. and at this point in life. i only see myself lovely. hey

(verse 2)
i try to find myself, to really know my purpose. i only want a woman who can see i’m never perfect. and able to accept it. i’ve grown weary of the searching. weary of the…getting to know you stages. seen all these different faces. b-tches in different fazes. one moment everything’s fine the next, oh you f-cking crazy. i’ve really gotten lazy. but something simple. like you ain’t gotta be bouche, yea.. we ain’t gotta get olive garden, let’s see a movie. and let’s avoid discussions speaking on some booty, less we really on that freak sh-t. i just want your mind you sea, i’m really treading deep sh-t. maybe we can chill up on weekend. catch a couple shows that we been missing. catch and save a soul to go the distance. link up with our squads to go on mission, to see the stars. oh i been dancing with a few. with two left feet. i never wanna hear a ” you left me “. but you said ” “peace” and sat your angry -ss up in the kitchen. i want a woman not a girl. i want someone besides my son to be my world. and not a diamond type of chick, but she’s okay with pearls. i want that type of love, where you ain’t gotta pay me back. unless i’m broke and then we both sharing. i want my n-ggas to be jealous like she so caring. i want her friends to be like really girl? he runs errands. and everything to turn out lovely. fr