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going out on a low note - bc camplight


may first
i roll over and discover the worst
i got company but no mouths to feed
just as yappy motherf-ckers that you just don’t need

i can’t walk you to school
i can’t race around in the pool
no my arms aren’t tired
and i’m on the mend
it’s a canonball till the shallow end

i know you’re patient, i know we’re poor
lalalala just a minute more babe
i get a million from the publishing deal
i get a million an absolute steal
a little boy a little girl
took me forever to find this world
now it’s a big fat stick in the eye

i’m going out on a low note
summer’s here the phone rings while i’m stuck in the mirror
brian it’s the lottery we got good news for yourself
i said no thanks i thought you were somebody else

my brain says stay the course
pretty rich when you consider the source
now i’m not positive
but i’m pretty sure
you shouldn’t cry when you listen to faith no more
i know you’re scared i know you’re tired
lalala it’s just how you’re wired
you said yourself you’re runnin out of steam
you look fine to me
i tried to make it
gave it a whirl
took me foreever to find this girl
now it’s a big fat kick in the ass

i’m going out on a low note
? with a bang

i’m going out on a low note
i’m going out



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