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letra de 0 | 305 - bause mason


(verse 1)
i’m the flow you cannot hold in your digestions
know that i’m the man by the way you asking questions
funky with the knowledge, i can always keep them guessing
never took exams but i’m the one that’s always testing life
when i broke out of that cycle, tell me go to school, i said “nah that ain’t my life tho’
tryna do your thang, people calling you a psycho
tryna walk this line, it be feeling like a tight rope
light hope, d-mn, and i’m feeling like i might choke
on the other hand, man, i know that i am micheal
jordan, if we’re talking bout the way i do them numbers
jackson, if we’re talking bout the way i make them mumble
words that i’ve been writing & things that i’ve been saying
so insane that at times i might think i’m super saiyan
ka-me-ha-me-ha-me-ha on these hoes, i’m not playing
spirit bombing all you b-tches, the whole city knows my phrases

coming live
in the city
come alive
feel the vibe
join the ride
dade county, the south where i reside

(verse 2)
put the “bottom of the map, on the map” fashooo
backroom coming live, now that’s volume 4
stand up dudeeee, now they want an encore
so if you don’t know, now you knowwww, nothing
keep my sh-t personal like budgets
ask me few more times, nope, not budging
keep my women, on the low like ducking
know that i’m the man when it really comes to f-cking
sh-t. up
d-mn another typo
give a little pause & you think that i’m insightful
to my stroke game, but you’re never gonna get it, if you get it, won’t regret it, & i doubt that you’ll forget it
giddy up, when i’m giddy on the past that i’m reflecting
future in the mirror, i’m the one that i’m dissecting
section off my city, dirty south from the conception
getting your attention, i can spit it from concessions
planting all my seeds through the verbiage, it’s inception
sh-t, atleast i never give deception
i used to then it happened i just fell into depression
mentality rebooting, way too often i was messing