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letra de fighting boys - battalion of saints


fighting heading off to war one more time to defend the nation
the modern warriors are out to kill with their brainwashed minds sitting in a chopper
they hover over the killing zone getting ready to land and start the attack
in the name of god and country they kill all life to get medals of glory

fighting boys have no choice
but to fight, fight, fight
fighting boys go out in the streets
and go wild

can’t you see what’s wrong with them – it’s the middle cl-ss life they lead
they’re too busy worrying about how cool they are to worry about the future
most people in the states don’t really know or care what’s happening
so you’d better prepare for the draft – it’s inevitable – no more good time


while the soldier sits in a hole on foreign soil thinking of home girls
all he wants is to get out alive to see his home one more time
most of america sits around watching tv not worrying about the fighting
all i know is that americans they are so lazy and i hate them


you wonder about the governments and why they have wars
it’s because they really don’t want us around