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letra de help - bartbourne



do you know it feels to have no help
do you know how it feels to have no wealth
and you can’t support the ones you love
and you cannot support the ones you trust
and you cannot help the ones you want
and you cannot solve it with a gun
cuz it will blow up the whole thing yea
they just hoping that i change yea
cannot stay away from danger
cannot say that i played ya
sherbet that’s my flavor
as you can tell
doing all my research yea i got intel
yea he cannot tell you, because he don’t know what he felt
sh-t confusing, why do you care y’all always been losing
family or friends that ain’t nothing to be choosing

[verse 1]

his money like zero
no i wasn’t there but now i’m here tho
not tryna take the credit, n-gga i’m not a hero
i’m just tryna stack my bread, yea stacking dineros
need my queen like i’m daenerys
her zodiac sign aries
he in the sand he buried
don’t worry about me , yea you ain’t gotta worry
them n-ggas be evil, protect them from the evil
doing it for my people, i’ll be back for the sequel
take yo time one dish
i just got me a wish
iike a packet from that wish, 2024 n0body use wish
if only the shoe fit
you gotta pray for me
gotta take that action yea it’s purging me
(yea, yea)

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