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letra de choir - baroness


here the dark madonna
in golden chains of fire
with flesh like sunburnt varnish
a tapestry of scars

she stalks the unlit corners
she haunts my room at night
that i might use my eyelids as
a shield against her light

for her the sweet behemoth
that slavers while it grins
with fangs of burnished copper
and milk beneath its skin

along with fierce leviathan
who walks below the waves
have laid their jaws upon your lap
to rest beneath your grace

these fiery bеasts of heaven
that burn the surfacе clean
will render h-ll in shades of amber
black, and emerald green

the whispered words of tourniquets
come spilling through the gauze
to split the crackling plasma
with soft and tender claws
something shines behind their eyes
something deep inside
and when they’ve stripped me to the bone
there’s nothing left to hide

behold this spoiling carcass
that swings before you now
who’s bound in rags and rubber bands
and strung up to your boughs

i wander through your garden
on bones of broken glass
to chew your shining halo
with t–th of molten wax

i hide between the shadows
of your homemade oubliette
i know they’re out to get me
but they haven’t got me yet

i hope she sings forever
in silver notes of woe
for when the dirge is over
we go to ground alone

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