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letra de cruise - barlow


well i backstroked through my high school years
changing lanes and changing gears
thought i was invincible
thinking i could change the world
cutting cl-sses breaking rules
the learning started after school
you were there we? d slip away
drive right through the yawning day and…

never check the review mirror
watch the future getting clearer
shut your mouth and close your eyes
put the seat back let me drive and cruise

with a name tag and a bright blue vest
they put the handcuffs on your wrist
your careless summer? s been replaced
a smile’s a stranger to your face
and my fingers punch the cold white keys
i? m commas and apostrophes
someday we? ll get out of this
leave a postcard on the desk and…

never stop to think about it
not a single doubt about it
feet don? t ever touch the ground
so high we? re not coming down we cruise

and my body aches
for the warm embrace
of a better day
oh it? s not too late to slip away
not too late to slip away now