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letra de honeymoon song - banjo & sullivan


we were shoveling sunshine
the hard times were the good times
in the back of a good times van
wedding ring was fresh on your hand

i guess you were a little shy
when you gave me some nipple pie
reached over and you grabbed my wood
don’t you know, that it felt so good?

and with you is where i belong
that? s why i sing this honeymoon song

well, i spilled my red wine
right below your pantyline
i finally got your bra undone
my johnson was on the run

your head was a keepin’ time
you were blowin’ more than my mind
i was slapping’ on your behind
parked in the bush doing sixty nine

honey, with you i can do no wrong
that? s why i sing this honeymoon song

your nails were digging in
your teeth were biting skin
then you pulled out a big black whip
took me on some love slave trip

i was screaming for my life
whatever happened to my wife?
said to call you madam x
that ain’t no country boy s-x

you beat me black and blue for so long
i guess it? s my fate, this honeymoon song

you locked the doors on the chevy van
slapped the cuffs on my hands
i couldn’t even try to shout
you strapped a red ball in my mouth

i was thinking about the wedding vows
how that? s a bad idea now
i was thinking about death do us part
buddy that’s a bad place to start

and oh, where has my sunshine gone?
it’s too late, it’s my honeymoon song
oh, my god, it’s my honeymoon song