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letra de automatic man - bad religion


he’s the latest superhero with powers so profound
he leaped a dotted line in just a single bound
i know you must have seen him in books and magazines
he’s quintessential, mindless, modern, epicine

his life is meaningful
because he gets things done
(bang bang)
bang bang he’s dead
(bang bang)
chalk up another triumph for our hero

the automatic man

it’s true you must have met him
he’s your best friend and your foe
his opinions are determined
by the status quo

a true creature of habit
he smokes three packs a day
when he has an original thought
he forgets it right away

he’s the automatic man

he’s a paradigm of carefree living
he’s our mentor, disturb him if you can
he’s the answer if your peace of mind is lacking
he’s our savior, he is the common man
and if you are troubled by the daily b-mp and grind
then take a careful look around and brother you will find

the automatic man

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