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letra de community - bad breeding


th-rns dress the concrete
sprinklers haunt gutted memories
the punished drift in codes of silence
fettered to a walled garden

the clergy offers its warm embrace
and the mounting weight of all your guilt
smiling faces shake the pot
drain yourself for their forgiveness

hollow landlords suffocate
starve and ruin in the name of value
emaciated on the 14th floor
building for a brighter future
spoon, debt and lifеless sheets
forming queues in linеs to eat
what is left of your own dignity
t–th dragged across
the brick of survival
but i seek no pity between the cracks
beneath the fable and the cold of day
i am here and always will be
born to laboured hands
for every bone broken in whitehall
and skull cracked at orgreave
carry the hope and wield the anguish
in a century of performance
and the trick of the ideal
rinse the sediment of all they took
and from the rubble of their farce
carve out a brand new way
seize horizons of untold scale
forge new mountains on their remains
and climb to touch the sky again
one day this will all be ours
in the name of all who fell before
roses rising from a slag heap
to dig out the scabs, even the score