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letra de hall of fame 2 - babytron


[intro: babytron]
(d-mn, jakesand)
sh-t, sh-t, sh-t, sh-t, sh-t, sh-t

[verse 1: babytron]
if you don’t do yo homework, you gon’ fail the test
tell the opps if them boys on a mission, they gon’ fail the quest
mister cap, all he do is tell fairy tales and jest
on our own wave, i don’t know where we sailing next
flyer than siakam off this four of red and three of purp’
think he getting off? we gon’ catch his ass, leave it worse
thousand dollar tee under the coat, can’t even see the shirt
woke up at ten off a ten, wake up, eat a perc’
[verse 2: trdee]
hall of fame sh-t, i heard that you ain’t get inductеd
made this b-tch do whatever i say likе a puppet
told her ass, “put that neck on me”, now we f-cking
she a pump faker, man, i swear i’m done jumping
i know you see me, b-tch, i’m lit just like the stove top
on this road we call life, might hit a road block
doggy claiming other hoods, get yo own block
gave it up, i heard he died from his own chop

[verse 3: babytron]
life hard, you gotta deal with it
tryna keep up with us? just be realistic
he was tattletaling back in school, i know he still snitching
unc’ got a lane with the oowops, he pill flipping
high as h-ll, i’m still sipping
if i roll what’s his name, i crack a seel with it
hunnid phones, me and my b-tch, we jack and jill with it
in atlanta flying in some sh-t that cost a half a mill’ ticket
if you can fold it in yo pocket, that ain’t real chicken

[verse 4: trdee]
hold on, b-tch, i’m too fried
finna put the ‘vette in sport and let the coupe slide
sh-ttyboyz, pay us when you use the p–p sign
how you still tripping over hoes? get yo shoe tied
on a different level, f-cking hoes on the top floor
she want me to put it on the cam, make it my show
we just went to high school together, you is not bro
yeah, that might be yo b-tch, gang, but that’s my ho
[outro: trdee]
sbdsm sh-t, y’all can’t f-ck with us
never can, we been doing this sh-t
gon’ keep doing this sh-t, b-tch
real sh-ttyboyz