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letra de 2 high can’t see (official audio)(babydead) - babydead


identify then i get high then i get high i look in the sky then ask god like why god i always get high i smoke this weed then i cry like n-ggas mad and b-tches lie like n-ggas mad smoke on ziy like n-ggas made i always get high look in the mirror and ask my self why look in the mirror i’m washing my time call up my doctor i need some help boy it feel like i’m about to die all i can do is f-ckin cry like n-ggas mad and b-tches lie and all i do is waste my time like all i do is just get high like all i do is get high look in da mirror and ask like why like roll dis weed and the i cry god can you help look and my eyes i’m so f-ckin mad about to diе and n-ggas made and b-tches lie don’t call my phonе i feel alone b-tches blowin my phone i’m tryna be left alone oh yeah like b-tch i’m
on my own i just wanna go home roll dis weed then die then think all da time i roll weed then i die i smoke wee all da time pop pills all da time if you made them cry if you mad then die then ask yo self like why i do this all da time and pop pills all da time and n-ggas made i get high



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