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letra de 3peat - baby ruth (chase rutherford)


ooo! (okay!)
(baby ruth, baby ruth)

[verse 1: baby ruth]
they always say: “ooo baby ruth!”
(hah hah!)
how you get your eyes so baby blue?
(blue, blue)
(get it, bro!)
“all he does is clout chase!” (mhm)
yeah, b-tch it’s my motherf-ckin’ name! (uh oh)
news flash, you´ll never be me!
me and claire are like mike, (yuh) pippen, 3peat

(venmo me, venmo me, venmo me)

[verse 2: claire drake]
b-tch i said “venmo me” (venmo me)
i’m livin’ in your head rent free! (b-tch)
f-ck noah miller tryna’ be me (get it sis!)
i-i-i’m just a kid, b-tch i’m only fifteen!
i said: “bestfriend, put me on that beat!” (okay)
now i’m here, put that chorus on repeat

(venmo me, venmo me, venmo me)
[verse 3: haley sharpe]
if you say so, then i’mma dance
everytime i throw it back, i take all you b-tches’ mans! (ahh)
i’mma pull up to the hype house and tony can catch these hands
(hit that b-tch!)
did a little dance under the money tree
don’t forget the dance creds: yodelinghaley!
that yodel girl, yeah you know
spittin’ heat, need aloe
all you b-tches is slow
and talking sh-t on the low!
body roll, then i woah
jahluver is emo (aah)
you gotta problem with me? then why don’t you say so?

[verse 5: claire drake]
okay, i don’t know of you needed any of that
this was really embarrassing
please never show anybody this


[verse 6: hamzah]
hey, guys, you forgot to invite me, again! (aah)
why didn’t you guys invite me?
oh my god, you don’t know what you just did
you could hurt- you decided- find me-
oh my god, you’re gonna recruit
you-you don’t know what
you-you-you don’t know fff…