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letra de stomp that shit - baby d


[baby d & lil’ c]
(chorus a)
stomp that sh-t!!!
stomp that sh-t!!!
stomp that sh-t!!!
stomp that sh-t!!! (don’t fall shawty)
(repeat 4x)

[baby d]
i know y’all getting sick and tired of hearing that same ole junk
baby d too deep off in this thi-zang and i came to get you crunk
when we jump up in the club it feel like the earth quaking
and yean know the oomp camp we got the whole world shaking
we came to r-o-c-k ya and shake off them haters
and when they ask me where i’m from i say eastside decatur
i suppose i’m colder then h 2 o froze
i’m sitting like some 25’s on that ss swoll
i’m staying down for that dirty that a-t-l ya heard me
rocking crowds north, east, west, way down south now bounce
now let me ask you a question, have you ever met somebody like me?
when i hit the door you better hit the floor
cause we came here to get the cheese
please believe by all means we party rockers
see me and cizzle we doing this for the pill poppers
the girls jock us, we show stoppers
when we hit the stage and the music plays the club start rocking

(chorus b)
stomp that sh-t!!! (whoa)
stomp that sh-t!!! (whoa)
stomp that sh-t!!! (whoa)
stomp that sh-t!!! (don’t fall shawty)

[lil’ c]
you give me one verse with ten bars and watch how i rock this
n-gg- hating on the oomp camp cause your girl they love this
my boy done took some dubs off a 2000 mayne
so we mounted it on cut dog with euroes and grain
my n-gg-s watching every stage all they can say is oooo
them boys from the oomp camp be acting a fool
you give us ten g’s and me and my boy we’ll rock this,
they can’t stop this
uh, uh
now get up off me shawty, a don’t fall shawty uh, uh
i thought i told ’em that ain’t all shawty
p-l-a-y t-i-m-e is over my n-gg-
now watch me show you my n-gg-

(chorus c)
stomp that sh-t!!!
stomp that sh-t!!!
stomp, stomp-stomp, stomp-stomp
stomp that sh-t!!!

we will, we will rock you

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