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could've been us - ​babekhris


it could’ve been me and you
but you f-cked up in the crib on some stupid sh-t
but now i don’t care
i just care about chasing the bag
when i get a bag don’t run back
you was the main b-tch stabbing me in my back
when i had your back
now i’m 14 about to blow up
because i’m good at the sh-t that i do
at first you was my wife
but sense i’m getting a bag i’ll bag a few
my overthinking was right
i should’ve never called you my wife
i felt like leaving one time as a joke
but you never put up a fight
she left me soon as it got hard
b-tch face reality
at first
you was the only b-tch i wanted in this galaxy
now i’m checking up on my hoes seeing how they’re doing
i don’t even really want to do this sh-t
you just left my heart in ruins
you really didn’t even care though
you just took my heart and left
you should’ve took the right path with me, but you took a left
but now you hurt me deeply
but i don’t think you care though
you say, “he’s just a friend” but when i talk to girls
you care though
and that’s not fair though, but
i don’t want to talk to other girls beside you
you was the only one i wanted but you played me then left
and the crazy thing is you cared about no one but yourself
but nowadays i can’t trust n-ggas
that’s why i stay to myself



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